Wear - Antimicrobial Compression Socks (Silver Fiber)

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Highest silver fiber % used in compression socks, finished with arc-flash protection for enhanced antimicrobial properties. Silver ions deactivate bacteria growth, destroy foot oder, provide up to 10-14 days of long lasting freshness with a single wash. Calf compression promotes blood flow from the feet, perfect for those who stand, walk, and are active all day long. These socks are thin, snug, yet durable, you won’t have to treat them as disposables anymore, they will last long and become a comfortable stable in your wardrobe. Layer up or wear them as standalone socks to best suit your level of activity. Compression socks hug your feet tightly, so if it’s your fist time wearing compression socks and you feel the slight tingly sensation, they fit you just right! Socks rub against your shoes EVERYDAY, so we’ve made numerous improvements with comfort and durability in mind, to create the best sock-wearing experience for you:

— Double-Stitching At The Sock Openings To Prevent Sliding And Chafing 
— Calf Compression To Promote Circulation & Help Prevent Muscle Fatigue & Cramps 
— Foot Arch And Ankle Compression For Support 
— Y-Stitching At The Heels, For Durability And Prevent Rotating 
— Size: EU 39-44, US 7.5-10.5 
— Anti-Odor Material

— Materials: 55% Nylon, 20% Lycra, 25% Silver fiber with arc-flash protection